The Philotic Connection

Imagine an invisible web, forming strands and threads between every sub-atomic particle in the universe. People we love. The things in our past – maybe even our future. Music. Art. Nature. Technology.

vintage hand made locket style fashion classic jewelry clothes cool blog DJ Event Photography Music Photos Portrait Wedding Party Men's Clothing Hipster Urban DC Beard Oil Natural shirt love cool jacket shirt website design business development marketingThese connections may never touch each other in the truer sense of the word, but imagine that every being or thing is linked to some strand of the same web by this “Philotic Connection”. Each segment sympathetic to manipulation of the strands that twine to each of its connections. Perhaps connections are strengthened or weakened over time. Maybe through physical, psychological or spiritual connectedness. 

Orson Scott Card introduced the idea of the philotic connection in his novel, Xenocide, the third in the Ender’s Game series. A very similar idea was also explored in The Fall of Hyperion by Dan Simmons, which, curiously enough, came out one year before Xenocide, although both novels deal with different subjects and in a vastly different way.

We take this fictional concept and present it here as an angle on life in the form of thoughts, totally sweet vintage, hand-made and natural products, and whatever strikes us as worth being connected to.



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